Trident Digital Enterprises (Pty) Ltd - Innovation, Disruption and Digitalisation in 3 ways

Trident Digital Enterprises

Trident Digital Enterprises (Pty) Ltd

Trident Digital Enterprises is a digital business structured around the Internet to create an ecosystem of rich media services, world-class content and a memorable user experience and we are B-BBEE Level 1 accredited .

The three (3) initial core offerings will include the following:

Trident EduTech

Trident EduTech Services - focusing on digital learning, or e-learning, for primary, secondary and tertiary educational institutions in South Africa.

Trident FinTech

Trident FinTech Services - focusing on financial technology solutions which encompasses digital mobile wallets, international remittances and cryptocurrencies.

Trident Sporttech

Trident SportTech Services - focusing on sport entertainment through digital streaming, gaming services and Internet radio.

Trident Digital Enterprises

Our Brand

The Trident Digital Enterprise brand was inspired by the trident spear of Poseidon, or Neptune, in Greek Mythology

About Us

The aspirational themes of Innovation, Disruption and Digitalisation will be inherent in the services rendered by Trident Digital Enterprise. 

Our Vision

To envision a world where humanity prospers through digital contact and interaction

Our Mission

To create an ecosystem of world class services and solutions by embracing Innovation, Digitization and Disruption

Our Core Digital Services

Nurture talent for tomorrow

Trident Digital Enterprises

There are several benefits to e-learning whether you choose to use it on its own, or to enhance your existing in house training.

Trident Digital Enterprises

Transaction rates with 20% relative savings comparable to standard debit and credit card payments.

Trident Digital Enterprises

Listen to your favorite sports live or select the match you want to hear. don’t miss a thing with our broadcasting network.

Our Philosophy

The key philosophy of the business will be to offer innovative solutions utilising disruptive technologies underpinned with best practices in digitalisation, convergence and virtualisation.