Trident digital enterprises

Frequently Asked

Mr Troy Hector, Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), established Trident Digital Enterprises
(Pty) Ltd (“Trident”) on the 25 May 2017 with three (3) initial business divisions i.e EduTech,
FinTech and SportTech.

The Trident brand was inspired by the trident spear of Poseidon, or Neptune, in Greek Mythology.

The aspirational themes of Innovation, Disruption and Digitalisation will be inherent in the services
rendered. The key philosophy of the business will be to offer innovative solutions utilising
disruptive technologies underpinned with best practices in digitalisation, convergence and
virtualisation. The approach of establishing an ecosystem of strategic partnerships forms a key
business imperative.

Education Technology (EduTech), also known as Virtual Learning, focuses on digital learning, or elearning,
for primary, secondary and tertiary educational institutions in South Africa.

Financial Technology (FinTech) focuses on disruptive financial services solutions which
encompasses mobile wallets, international remittances and cryptocurrencies.

Sporting Technology (SportTech) focuses on sport entertainment through digital streaming,
gaming services and Internet radio.

The iWallet, a registered trademark of Trident, is available via the Apple iTunes and Google Play
Stores and provides a new value proposition in FinTech with real-time transfers, competitive rates
and open-loop functionality.

Trident has formalised strategic partners with digital content providers to offer world-class elearning
from the convenience of a laptop or smartphone connected to the Internet.